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A-1 Specialized Transport, Inc. was incorporated in 1974 by Tom Hudson, Sr. and T.C. Hudson, Jr.  With Tom's passing in 1999, T.C. and his wife Lisa began full operation of the company and gradually began to downsize.  Tom Hudson started and owned a trucking company in the early 1950's, therefore T.C. was actually born into the trucking business.  For 20 years, from 1974 - 1994, along with specialized hauling, we offered a full-service towing and recovery operation.  This included everything from small to medium to large heavy duty tow trucks. We were also on law enforcement call lists.  This was downsized and our focus became specialized hauling.  T.C.'s definition of specialized hauling is "whether it is oversize, overweight, over dimensional, or even if it is just a vehicle or a steel beam needing to be moved across town or across the nation, if it's special to my customer it's special to me."  Most of our customers have time-sensitive issues with loads needing to be picked up and/or delivered at precise times because of cranes and rigging crews waiting.  They rely on our proven dependability and don't have to worry about the truck being late.  Once I commit to a customer on an exact time and date, I won't schedule anything that would interfere with that commitment.  I'm "old school" and believe in doing what you say you will do.  My customers deal with me on pricing, quotes, scheduling, and can contact me while in transit if they need or want to check on the location during transit.  If I have shipments that require more than one truck at the exact same time, I have several companies that we have worked with for many years that I can count on to assist.  Because my reputation stands on it I would never use a third-party logistics company or have an unknown truck or driver show up with me know knowing their dependability or integrity.